2009 Just Plain Folks Music Awards Results

Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow Flyers and Flyerettes, the results are in. Let me start with Friday night at BB King's. We met some wonderful musicians from all over the world and hopefully made some long term friends in the deal. All of the performers gave their best on stage and the the styles covered a broad spectrum. I had purchased four tickets for the weekend events. Unfortunately, my dear wife, Juanita, and cousin Dwain De Main couldn't make the trip. I emailed the JPF crew and told them I had two tickets to donate to someone in need. Because of that, Ozone Pete was able to drive down from Massachusetts, play on Friday night, and attend the Awards Ceremony. What a great FEEL GOOD pill that was. I'll be sharing links to the people we met on the website soon. By the way, when it came our turn to play, we SMOKED EM !!!!! The Awards Ceremony was held at the Wildhorse Saloon. WOW, what an awesome venue. Mark my words, one day a full band version of The Delta Flyers will take that stage and bring the house down. With 95 catagories of song and album nominees to announce it made for a long evening. My hat goes off to Brian Austin Whitney, his wife and all of the staff that made this thing happen. The ceremony started a little after 5 PM, with live entertainment by some of the nominees throughout the evening. There were 6 finalists for each Song catagory and 4 finalists for each Album catagory. The Blues Album awards were finally announced around 9:30. I want to tell Y'all, we were prayin' heavy because we were up against some stiff competition. We made the finals taking Fourth place. The award went, posthumously, to Delaney Bramlett, and that was OK with me. I saw Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett at the Fillmore Auditorium in the early 70's and they blew me away. The award couldn't have gone to a more deserving person. In my excitement, I neglected to take note of the 2nd and 3rd place finalists, but I'm sure they will be posted on the JPF site soon. I'll also be posting the certificates we received on the Delta Flyer website soon. In retrospect, there were 95 album catagories with 4 finalists each. That's a total of 380 albums out of 42,000 judged. That puts our musicial work in the top 1% according to the Just Plain Folks music community. I'd say we came home MAJOR WINNERS !!! WHAT A WEEKEND !!!!! Everybody Get On The Train.

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