From the recording The Witness Tree


My darlin’ Angel - I’ve loved you since you were a little child
Even after all these long years - You can still melt me with your smile

But no one could ever really know - Just how strong our love can be
Nobody but me and you, Baby - And that old Witness Tree

Well, I been through fire and rain – Lord, and I put you through some, too
Through all my trials and tribulations, Girl - You stuck with me like glue

Our hearts are like a beacon - Shinin’ bright for everyone to see
Since we pledged our love, Baby – Under that old Witness Tree

Now as I think back - About all that’s come and gone
Many folks have dropped along the wayside - But I know we’ll carry on

I’ll be by your side, Darlin’ - And I know that you’ll agree
That our love has grown stronger and stronger - Than that old Witness Tree