From the recording 10 Pound Hammer


Well, I spent some time out on the Western Plains
Drivin’ spike was my claim to fame
I worked that hammer hard and fast
Put down track that was built to last

I took my supper underneath the stars
As far as the eye could see
You know, Railroad work is long and hard
But it’s done all right by me

Came down out of the Sierra three months ago
Me & Crosseyed Willie & Ol’ Chinese Joe
The wind did howl and the rain did sting
And I was makin’ that Ten Pound Hammer sing

The Survey Men done set us straight
Now we’re movin’ right down that line
Headin’ towards Promontory, Utah, Boys
In the spring of 1869

Swing that hammer, Boy
Workin’ all night and day
Swing that hammer
But I know it’s gonna end some day

I hopped the Locomotive for the final mile
And I rode that engine with a big ol’ smile
The Central and the Union standing eye to eye
It’s almost enough to make a grown man cry

It’s been near three years since I last was home
I’ve seen all the sights to see
I always felt the need to roam, but right now
Texas is where I need to be

Swing that hammer, Boy
There never came a sweeter sound
Than on that day
When I laid that old hammer down