1. Driving Rain

From the recording Driving Rain


Molly was a good girl, mother and wife
She had it better than most at that point in her life
There were diamonds on her fingers and pretty clothes to wear
And she seemed to spend her time without a single care

Then one day came the rumors that she’d gone quite insane
Because of all the pressure – Because of all the strain
They found her standing on the highway in the Driving Rain
Standing On The Highway In The Driving Rain

The banker in our town, you know he was not very nice
He would take a man’s last dollar and would not think twice
He had run many honest folk right down into the ground
Sent many a good soul to the lost and found

The cause of his demise, well it became all too plain
Someone had been appointed to return some of the pain
We heard him crying out for mercy in the Driving Rain
Crying Out For Mercy In The Driving Rain

You may think that you are clever – You may think that you are shrewd
Because of your position and the riches you’ve accrued
You may find yourself surrounded by everything you need
Some people call that happiness but others call it greed

And I’m telling you right now that you might just want to refrain
From walking over others for profit or for gain
Or you might find yourself out walking in the Driving Rain
Find Yourself Out Walking In the Driving Rain