1. Queen Bee

From the recording Queen Bee


There’s a buzz going on - Sounds like a love song
Coming on steady, and man it’s coming on strong

It soothes me like when the ocean breezes blow
And it rocks me like when the ocean ebb and flow

It ain’t some chance encounter with a siren from the sea
All that pretty noise is coming from my Queen Bee

When she calls my name I get all weak in the knees
She’s a whole lot different from all them other little bees

When she gets up close, well I start to melt inside
There ain’t no question and there’s nothing to decide

I wouldn’t trade her love for all of your money
I’m the King Bee, man when she gives me all her honey

Mercy, Mercy – Sakes Alive
There’s a whole lot of buzzin’ goin’ on around the hive

Queenie done told every other bee she know
She don’t want nobody but me for her steady beau

People, let me tell you what I’m talkin’ about
She make me cry for joy, she make me jump and shout